Indie Games for Good charity marathon is now under way

You know what's going on right this minute? The Indie Games for Good marathon, that's what! If you're unfamiliar with the awesome event, it's basically a charity marathon where folks can donate to keep an indie gaming livestream going.

People who wish to participate can purchase points which are used to buy time for any of the entries on the list of games that's up on the site. It's a nice way to create some exposure for obscure titles, and because proceeds go to Child's Play Charity, it also helps out a great cause.

Last year the marathon raised almost $7,000 and lasted a whopping 79 hours. As of this writing, Indie Games for Good has already managed to rake in over $7,100. The best part of it all is that $4,000 of that cash were donated before the marathon even started.

If you've got some spare change to donate to a good cause, check out Indie Games for Good. Oh, and you can also win stuff, which is definitely nice, so there's that. Let's keep those donations going!

[Indie Games for Good]

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