Indie Game: The Movie to be turned into a sitcom on HBO?

After having just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Indie Game: The Movie is at the center of some controversy. While reviews of the film itself have been pretty positive, it's a new development that has individuals, including Fez creator Phil Fish, pretty flustered. According to Deadline, there are plans of turning the documentary into a fictional sitcom series on HBO.

Wait, what?

According to Deadline, this would be the second time HBO gets a deal off of something showcased at Sundance. "HBO and producer Scott Rudin have acquired remake rights to Indie Game: The Movie, the documentary by first-time film-making duo Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky that premiered in Sundance on Saturday afternoon. Rudin will develop the film as a half-hour comedy series for HBO and he will be executive producer."

I think I speak for a lot of indie game fans and indie developers when I say we don't want to see this sh*t. Seriously, I'm really looking forward to watching Indie Game: The Movie and seeing hard-working devs as they try to get their respective games out. I don't want a half-hour comedy series on HBO. For starters, it feels as if that would downplay the efforts of the folks who make indie games.

No word from Pajot or Swirsky yet, but I really hope the duo addresses this news sooner rather than later. A comedy series? Really? Honestly, we don't need that, HBO. Don't do something so ridiculous based off a documentary that shows how hard indie devs work to fulfill their dreams.