Indie Game Lone Survivor Looks Freaking Awesome

Not long ago we were treated to an awesome indie game called Soul Brother. At its core, the game was a puzzle platformer with stylish visuals and trippy music. But with its main mechanic centering around suicide, it was a pretty unique title for a game with colorful graphics and cute animals.

Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games is currently working on a new project titled Lone Survivor. The game puts you in a horrific environment that has fallen victim to disease. You play the part of a survivor, and you are required to perform certain tasks to continue on.

Just how far are you willing to go to survive? Would you eat a rat? Would you kill? Would you take drugs? Lone Survivor poses these questions, and it forces you to make decisions that will affect your character.

Byrne is developing the game to show it off at the Independent Games Festival, and so far, it looks pretty freaking sweet. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer for yourself! Also, be sure to follow the mind behind this game on Twitter to stay up to date with this promising endeavor.