Indie game Colour Bind has puzzles, intense level of challenge

Indie developer Puppy Punch Productions has been hard work for the past two years with Colour Bind, an upcoming physics-based puzzler for PC and Mac. The game looks pretty promising, and it seems like it will definitely appeal to fans of challenging puzzle games. I know I'm intrigued.

Colour Bind features gravity-based gameplay that changes depending on color. You'll have to use your wits to navigate through the game's 50+ stages, which are said to be pretty damn tough. Interestingly, Colour Bind also incorporates music into the mix with a variety of tunes that play according to the colors you equip, which should make for a very unique puzzle experience.

The game's levels will contain plenty of secrets for completionists to seek out, but there are also some extra modes thrown in to keep you playing. Twenty co-op stages will allow two players to put their heads together to solve even more enjoyably brutal challenges, and Puppy Punch is even throwing in a level editor for players to create and share their own puzzles. Throw in achievements and leaderboards, and you've got a puzzler that's most definitely worth watching out for.

An exact launch date and pricing details haven't been confirmed for Colour Bind just yet, but the game is expected to land on PC and Mac "soon." Puzzle game lovers, watch out for this one.

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