Indie game A Night in the Woods is coming to Mobile devices

An under appreciated game is now available to more people

Chances are you've never heard of "A Night in the Woods,"  if you have, the chances are even greater that you've never even played it. If that's the case, that's a shame. A Night in the Woods is an indie game that puts a focus on the difficulties of becoming an adult, dealing with your past and the past of those around you, all wrapped in a cute, stylistic aesthetic, not unlike a Wes Anderson film.

Being an indie game is difficult, especially when you're going up against massive AAA titles. When it was released, the game didn't have the biggest reach, as it was only available on PC/Mac and PS4, but now it's coming to mobile devices.

While no specific platform was mentioned, when talking about mobile, it's a safe bet to assume that iOS and Android will be included. The developer also didn't give a specific release date, other than 2018. With only about 2 months left in the year, the wait shouldn't be too much longer.

The team did confirm one detail, however, A Night in the Woods will NOT be coming to the Nokia N-GAGE. So, at least we have that.