Indie dungeon-crawler Dungeon of the Endless heading to Xbox One

Developer Amplitude Studios today announced that Dungeon of the Endless, its in-progress dungeon-crawler, is coming to Xbox One.

“The Xbox One version will retain all of the key features of the popular PC version—turn-based combat, strategic tower-defense construction, RPG exploration, loot collecting, and eye-catching pixel-based retro graphics—and will be optimized for the Xbox One gamepad,” PR firm Reverb Communications said in a release.  

We first previewed Dungeon of the Endless back in December 2013 when it hit Steam Early Access and found it an enjoyable, promising but glaringly incomplete rogue-like. To see it reach out to additional platforms before completing the PC version is ambitious, but a bit concerning as the game is still missing many key features several months after the fact.

Dungeon of the Endless is currently available on Steam through the $12.99 Pixel Pack and the bonus-content-packing $19.99 Founder Pack. The game will also be playable via demo booth at Microsoft’s [email protected] booth during gamescom.