Indie Dev Arkedo Working on Sega-Published “Project Hell Yeah”

Indie developer Arkedo certainly has a lot planned for the near future. For starters, the company is currently working on bringing its Arkedo Series of games to the PlayStation Network. This small franchise of games first launched on the Xbox 360, and it provided a solid gaming experience for fans of retro and indie titles.

Now, though,  the company is working on something new. Apparently, Sega has signed the developer to work on something known simply as Project Hell Yeah! That's a badass codename for a video game if I ever heard one.

According to the dev blog, Project Hell Yeah! will feature monsters. And that's really all we know about the game thus far. Given the site's design and the single image on the blog, it appears that this game will be pretty colorful, which is always nice.

I really look forward to learning more about Project Hell Yeah! In the meantime, how about releasing the Arkedo Series on the PlayStation Network already. I've been wanting to play those games for a while now!