Improvements abound in Age of Conan

Thursday, April
23, 2009

abound in Age of Conan

From the smaller
issues to general gameplay improvements, Funcom’s MMO continues to evolve

Any massively multiplayer online game released goes through several phases –
there is the initial love affair, followed by players leveling up and finding
either a lack of content at the higher levels, or maybe just uncovering bugs or
performance issues that hamper gameplay the deeper into the world they journey.

The MMOs that improve with time, evolve by listening to the player base and work
to correct the issues while improving the overall gameplay elements are
generally the ones that stick around. Those that stagnate usually have short
life spans. The development team at Funcom is demonstrating their commitment to
the MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures by continually improving the game on
many fronts.

As the game closes on its first anniversary (it released May 17, 2008) Craig
Morrison, the game’s director, noted some of the efforts being made to improve
the game on many levels.

“Building on the desire to have truly meaningful and engaging PvP in every
update we are continuing to refine, add to and improve the siege warfare PvP
elements,” he said. “We are striving to keep adding new features to make guild
vs. guild game-play matter more. In the most recent updates new PvP-specific
resources required to build and repair battle-keeps have been added. These
resources must be fought over between players, and can be looted from vanquished
foes corpses, adding more intensity and drama to the siege experience.”

But that is far from all. The stability and performance of the game has also
been addressed.

“Our technical team has been hard at work ensuring that there are constant
improvements being made to performance and stability,” Morrison said. “Framerate
has been increased on a wider range of computers, memory leaks have been
corrected and bugs have been ironed out making the game-play experience a lot
smoother and stable for the user.

“The big main features always get the headlines and previews, but we have also
gone to great lengths to ensure that the smaller points and general polish also
get some care and attention. A huge amount of general improvements and
enhancements have been made, some small, some larger, but all combining to
provide a better Age of Conan experience. More travel options have been added,
more voice-overs, a new friend interface, the raid interface has been improved,
a new GUI options mean it’s now easier to locate and get into PvP mini-games,
tradeskills have been improved, loot rewards have been re-distributed, vanity
pets are available as a special reward for those who adventure through the new
Xibaluku dungeon … and the list goes on! These changes may never be in the
spotlight but they all contribute to improving the experience for players each
and every time they log in.”