Immigration Game Smuggle Truck Rejected by Apple

Apple has rejected a game from developer Owlchemy Labs due to its immigration-themed concept. Originally released for the PC, Smuggle Truck requires players to commandeer a pick-up truck loaded with Mexican immigrants as they try to cross the border and enter the United States. The game was developed for the iPhone and iPad, but Apple’s rejection caused Owlchemy to tweak the game a bit.

Now titled Snuggle Truck, players must tilt their iPhones or iPads to steer a truck full of cuddly little critters. The game’s premise remains the same in theory, as players guide wild animals that try to escape the forest for much better living conditions in the zoo. Hmm … I hardly think wild animals would want to leave their natural habitat in favor of captivity, but whatever.

It’s a shame the original version of the game won’t be properly ported to iOS platforms. Owlchemy stated that the premise of Smuggle Truck “was inspired by the frustration our friends have experienced in trying to immigrate to the United States.” Luckily, the original version of the game is available for the PC on the official site. If you’re uptight when it comes to real-life issues such as immigration (or you just want some form of the game on your iPhone), you can purchase Snuggle Truck from Apple for $2.99 (currently priced at $1.99).

It’s strange that Apple made such a big fuss about the game, especially considering all the throwaway games found on the App Store. Plenty of titles touch on real issues while featuring quirky, colorful visuals. Though the subject of immigration may be serious, it’s hardly too sensitive to be featured in a game. Snuggle Truck still looks like fun, but the original human-smuggling version sounds like a riot.

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