ijji.coms Soul of the Ultimate Nation Turns Zeros to Heroes, Opens Beta with Perilous Events

September 21, 2009

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Turns Zeros to Heroes, Opens Beta with Perilous

Just about anyone can play, but
being declared victorious is reserved for a brave few. Starting now, the epic
fantasy massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) Soul of the
Ultimate Nation is touting two tantalizing events on the hardcore gaming portal,
ijji.com, to celebrate the beta opening of this sinister MMO – and only the
strong will survive. The deadline to qualify for the Ultimate Hero events is
Oct. 5, 2009, which will mark the close of two unique, high-stakes trials of the
game and access to various mind-blowing prizes for the proclaimed heroes.

“We are celebrating the opening of
one of the most unique and exhilarating MMOs coming to gamers,” said Philip Yun,
CEO, NHN USA, which hosts ijji.com. “The free-to-play genre has much to look
forward to as the line continues to blur between online and console games, and
ijji.com revels in its position to pioneer that shift. In commemoration of Soul
of the Ultimate Nation’s premier, we present two challenging events complete
with prizes worth dying for – at least your character dying, anyway.”

For gamers who have yet to
experience the fulfillment of playing an ijji.com game, Soul of the Ultimate
Nation will hold the Path to Achievement event, specifically created for new
users and account holders who are entering the portal’s intense hardcore gaming
world for the first time. Players choose from multiple classes, including
Berkserkers, Dragon Knights, Valkyries and Elementalists, and make their way to
victory. If destiny and determination find them at level 10 by Oct. 5, 2009,
they are eligible for one of the many squeal-worthy prizes, including an ASUS
24-inch monitor to the first three heroes, an Apple iPod Nano for the two
second-place heroes and 25 winners will receive $20 gift cards from Best Buy,
American Express and Amazon.

Seasoned ijji.com members have the
opportunity to participate in the Long Road to Glory event, which entails a
treacherous journey to level 50 before the deadline of Oct. 5, 2009. With any
one of the menacing characters above, one weathered gamer will triumph and bring
home the ultimate prize that will sway any hardcore game maven – an Alienware
Prize Package, which includes an Alienware Area-51 X58, Alienware OptX Monitor,
Alienware TactX Keyboard, Alienware TactX Mouse and Alienware TactX Headset.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a
fantasy MMORPG set in a world ravaged by corruption and war. The Immortal
Emperor governed the Brakion continent with a dark and secret knowledge in his
possession – the existence of Ether. Converting the valuable Ether into dark
energy and using it to conquer the entire continent with his terrifying, demonic
armies, the Immortal Emperor impoverished the land causing the ruling classes to
turn to alliances with neighboring nations to continue its supremacy. Stemming
from oblique dealings and intimate secrets among the royal families, two
opposing dynasties blossomed. Enveloped in graphically stunning settings and
intricate story lines, dotted with harrowing surprises lurking behind dark
shadows, players will relish in the ever-expanding fantasy world that is Soul of
the Ultimate Nation.

Online gamers prepared to take a
stab at victory and become the ultimate hero in one of Soul of the Ultimate
Nation’s events can sign up and download the game’s client at: