ijji.coms Soldier Front Launches All-Female Special Forces, Expansive Map

July 20, 2009

Soldier Front Launches All-Female Special Forces, Expansive Map

ijji.com’s popular modern military
multi-player online first-person shooter (MOFPS) game, Soldier Front, unveiled
its latest all-female character class, in addition to a fresh map that will take
players through the streets – and canals – of Venice, Italy. These recent
updates are available now on the premier 8 million-strong hardcore gaming portal
for members eager for a heart-pumping challenge.

“Guerrilla tactics and feminine
wiles find their way into Soldier Front’s latest map, Venice, Italy,” said
Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA, which hosts ijji.com. “ijji.com knows how important it
is for our community to keep things fresh. Game updates are just one way we
fulfill that expectation and keep our members endlessly entertained.”

Enemies speculate that the Mulan
Special Forces, a band of armed female commandos, operate out of a hidden base
somewhere in the Yunnan province of China. Fortified with ominous weapons and
savvy guerrilla tactics, 11 founding members took on the world’s most dangerous
drug lords in a victorious campaign taking place at the converging boarders of
Thailand, Myanmar, formerly Burma, and Laos. Since their inaugural showing, the
Mulan Special Forces won over the attention of female recruits across the globe,
and are growing at a breakneck speed.

In addition to the new female
Special Forces, Soldier Front’s latest update boasts feverish combat in a newly
added map, a representation of the city of Venice, Italy. Within the
half-submerged streets and alleys of this ancient city, players are tasked with
breaking through enemy defenses to destroy the centers of dubious operations.
Once the nemesis’ domain is breached, and secured by friendly troops, the
mission is considered successful and player move on to the next tantalizing

Soldier Front is ijji.com’s action
packed answer to the modern warfare FPS. Players take on the likeness of various
Special Forces unit leaders, such as SAS, Seal, Delta Force, among others, and
implement distinctive task force strategies found in today’s modern combat.
Additional information about Soldier Front is available at