Ignition approves Magical Drop V internal beta

Publisher UTV Ignition has approved the internal beta version of Magical Drop V, Golgoth Studio said on their blog earlier this week.

"So we are now on the road to the Master version," they wrote, apologizing for the delay in communication.

At the beginning of June, the studio posted a message to fans on their Facebook: "Magical Drop V Beta version was sent , Localization work and Network is available , but improve need to be done on this last point ! i guess now we are close to the final version ! some few weeks to get a polished version !"

It seems like the game (from original developers Data East) is back on schedule and may still release this summer for PCs. It features local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

Golgoth plans to include Ghostlop, Data East's unreleased Bust-a-Move style game, with the upcoming release, as well.

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