IGN to unveil the second Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer next Wednesday

Rockstar is preparing for something – something very spectacular. For the past couple months we’ve been anticipating juicy details for their upcoming blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto V, and it looks like the fireworks set to go off next Wednesday, November 14.

The unveil will be taking place over at IGN, where readers can stream the trailer and IGN’s analysis of it. Users can always take part in the event on Xbox’s IGN channel, IGN’s YouTube, and on your cellular device. The trailer analysis will also be followed with a Q&A with an unannounced source.

If you plan to watch the trailer and analysis on your computer, you’ll want to head over to this link on Wednesday, November 14 at a TBA time.

What are you anticipating with the upcoming trailer? What details do you expect to be dropped or at least hinted towards? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: [IGN]