IGG Reveals the Beauties of Zu Online

March 6, 2008

IGG Reveals the Beauties of Zu

Zu Online, the new 3D MMORPG game
from IGG, continues to delight and entertain gamers the world over with its
captivating gameplay and stunning game environment. Today the Zu Online team is
going to talk about gameplay for girls and women.

There are actually 2 classes which
were specifically designed with the fairer sex in mind. These are the Bead
Fairy’s and the Moonmaiden’s.

Bead Fairy—For lovable and
outgoing female players

Lovable and outgoing girls tend to
want to help other people and bring joy to people around them. Similarly, the
Bead Fairy were designed to be the go-to girls for help in group combat. Whether
this involves increasing defense and attack power, healing or their thrilling
“Trap-Break Strategy” they are indispensable. In addition, with their cute,
pretty looks, a Bead Fairy could turn the head of any Swordsman or Sun Warrior.

Moonmaiden—For quiet and
clever female players

Not every girl is the outgoing
beauty the designers had in mind when they designed the Bead Fairy’s. Many girls
are more quiet and clever, playing the game a few moves ahead of everyone else.
The cold, beautiful Moonmaiden’s usually use various traps to take their enemies
by surprise and keep the battle on their terms. With stealth skills and a high
attack power, this class is not content to sit on the sidelines cheering and
should never be underestimated.

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