IGG Published Freesky Online

March 30, 2009

IGG Published Freesky Online

IGG will release a new browser based
game called Freesky Online in April As the online gaming industry continues to
evolve, simpler browser based games are becoming more and more popular.

IGG is a rising MMORPG developer and
operator in the world, and their aim is to create an all new online
entertainment life style for a global audience. With this in mind, IGG has been
preparing a few new titles for the coming year, but the one getting all the
attention right now is Freesky Online. After all, who wants to download a game
client when all you need to do is open your browser and jump right in?

What makes Freesky Online so

Firstly, Epic RPG storylines that
drop you into a fantastic fantasy world of Imperial ambitions, amazing airships
battling in the skies and grand Armies vying for control of the world. To
consolidate your position and maintain your army, you also need to master
various management skills and tactics.

Secondly, In Freesky Online, players
can either create an invincible military empire or become a wealthy commercial
empire. It’s up to you how (and if) your Empire grows. In this fantastic world,
players need to compete with other players for control of resources, people and
land. Use your talents and leadership skills to overcome various crises.

Thirdly, Thanks to the well-rounded
Flash+Java web technology, the Freesky Online graphics are as decent as those of
comparable MMORPGs! It also enables players to play the game without downloading

Lastly, convenience with powerful
shortcut function settings, the game won’t cost players much time to play so
they can concentrate on the parts they are interested in.

The features mentioned above will
become clearer as you explore the game. As IGG’s newest game, Freesky Online is
waiting for you to join!

For more about it, please visit FO
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