Ice-T shares the intricacies of his Call of Duty “D*** Dance” on Conan

While gaming, have you ever gotten so excited you threw down the controller, ran around the house, started yelling at the top of your lungs, punched a wall, baked cupcakes, tear off your clothes, you know – just get crazy. I know you have, don’t lie. Well on a recent episode of the Conan show, Ice-T explained his Call of Duty experiences with just this.

After pwning some noobs, Ice-T has this tendency of doing what he calls the “D*** Dance.” I won’t go in great detail and I’ll let you use your imagination. It’s probably fairly close to what you’re thinking – no, not the windmill but along those same lines. Look, I get it, we all have our own way of celebrating, that’s fine. Depending your audience, try to keep it at least PG.    

Check out the clip from Conan below an embrace that which you didn’t know you didn’t want to know.