I-play Portal launches on Telefonicas emocin

I-play Portal launches on
Telefonica’s ‘emocin’

Madrid, Spain & London, UK – 14th
April, 2005: I-play, the mobile games company, today announced that its brand is
launching on emocin, Telefnica movistar mobile content channel. This marks a
significant change in its presence on Telefnica Mviles Spain, where it has
until now appeared un-branded under its games section. Last week the company
changed its identity from Digital Bridges to I-play and launched its mission to
make mobile gaming the world’s most popular form of electronic gaming.

From today, Telefnica Mviles
customers will be able to log onto emocin, search under ‘Games’ and go directly
to I-play’s portfolio of games. From there, mobile gamers will be able to
download an array of popular titles, including, EA SPORTS 2005 FIFA FOOTBALL,
Robocop and Pink Panther, amongst many others. Mobile gamers will also be able
to enjoy I-play’s connected tittles: EA SPORTS 2005 Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Colin
McRae Rally 2005 and 2 Fast 2 Furious, which allow mobile gamers to post scores
and download a shadow of their friends’ performances to play against.

Telefnica Mviles initiative will
allow I-play to manage the launch of its games directly onto the portal and have
a more direct relationship with its mobile gaming customers. The new model will
also allow I-play to create more differentiation for its brand and products as
well as create loyalty schemes for its customers.

Brian Greasley, CEO of I-play
commented: “Telefnica Mviles has been pioneering new models of delivering
mobile content for many years and we are proud to be part of this latest,
exciting iniative in the way mobile content is distributed. I-play is uniquely
positioned to take advantage of the Telefnica movistar publishing portal,
because it is the first truly mass market consumer brand in the mobile gaming
space, and because of its strong portfolio of titles behind the brand.”

In addition, over the next few
months, I-play is launching a range of new ‘one-thumb play’ titles, designed to
have broad appeal to both gamers and non-gamers, and across all audiences. The
first new I-play title in this genre, unveiled today, is ‘Skipping Stone’,
already a hugely popular mobile game in Asia that has been tipped by game site
IGN as “perhaps the most frighteningly addictive action game we’ve seen in
months …Skipping Stone is pure entertainment that deserves to be enjoyed on
handsets everywhere”.

About I-play

I-play, the mobile games company,
brings the best in mobile entertainment to a mobile gaming audience of half a
billion people via mobile operators, retail stores and online portals, including
www.iplay.com . I-play has
been creating mobile games since 1998 and continues to spearhead the creation of
games for the next generation. As one of the world’s longest established and
respected creators of mobile games, the I-play brand stands for quality and the
best in mobile game development. Working with the best media and entertainment
brands, I-play is 100% focused on mobile games, and dedicated to fulfilling the
promise of the mobile phone as the first truly mass-market electronic games

I-play’s investors are Apax Partners
and Argo Global Capital. I-play is headquartered in London, with European
Regional HQ in Dunfermline, Scotland and North American Regional HQ in San
Mateo, California as well as sales offices in Paris, Munich, Madrid, Rome, New
York, Fairfax, Sao Paulo and Singapore.

For more information, please visit
us at www.iplay.com 

I-play is a trademark and trading
name of Digital Bridges Limited.