HydroTilt XL With Level Editor Available Now For iPhone and iPod touch

May 19, 2009


New XL Level Editor Allows
Players to Construct Custom Levels and Share them with the World

Publisher X, a videogame publisher
committed to providing entertaining and innovative titles through the growing
digital distribution channel, is proud to announce that its 3D puzzle game
HydroTilt XL is available now for Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch. As an
expansion of the original HydroTilt app, the XL version includes an all-new
level editor that lets players create their own playable levels and share with
others right from within the game.

“Fans of HydroTilt have been asking
for a level editor since we first launched the game,” said Mel Kirk, Director of
Marketing for Publisher X. “With the XL expansion pack, we build on the original
game and provide gamers with the ability to design and share their unique
creations resulting in several hours of extra game play for everyone. In
addition, we have included 30 new levels that consumers can download and play
right away.”

HydroTilt XL is all about precision,
timing and control! Guide a bead of water over ramps, moving platforms and
through brightly colored and challenging environments, all in an attempt to
reach the finish line and score the best time. Players can alter their water
droplet from a liquid state, to a solid state (ice) and even a gas state (water
vapor). Using these different forms, the player solves a variety of puzzles,
activates mechanical devices and safely navigates across a variety of suspended
platforms to complete each level.

With the innovative XL level editor,
players will easily build custom levels with the touch of a finger using a
variety of tools, blocks and interactive objects. To learn more about Hydrotilt
XL and to view the tutorial videos, please visit

HydroTilt XL Key Features:

  • Create, build and share levels
    using the XL level editor

  • Intuitive control physics allow
    for superb interaction with iPhone and iPod touch

  • 55 challenging levels with five
    unlockable bonus levels and side missions for extended play

  • Save progress and replay unlocked
    levels to obtain faster times

  • Gorgeous 3D environments

Developed by Codeglue, HydroTilt XL
is available through the App Store for $4.99. For more information about
Publisher X or its products, please visit: