Hunting Simulation theHunter Launches Trail Cam Sneak Preview Feature

December 5, 2008

Hunting Simulation ‘theHunter’
Launches Trail Cam Sneak Preview Feature

Revolutionary online hunting
simulation offers
innovative in-game Trail Cam sneak preview feature.

Emote Games, an online games
publisher of dynamic social experiences, and Avalanche Studios, an innovative
game developer specializing in state of the art, real-life landscape technology,
today announced that their new online hunting simulation, theHunter is to offer
a unique tool to allow fans see inside the game world.

The Trail Cam, which can be viewed
serves up in-game images of the realistic hunting terrain – and anything
wandering past when the image is captured – created by award winning Avalanche
studios. The images will be updated every 15 minutes and provide a dramatic new
way to experience the game before it’s launched.

TheHunter is a thrilling combination
of hunting action and social networking that promises to redefine the hunting
game genre. To ensure the most realistic gameplay experience, Emote and
Avalanche will soon be embarking on a full-scale beta test to provide consumer
feedback on what they like in the game as well as ways to make it even better.

“The Trail Cam is an innovative
sneak preview feature which allows people interested in the game a view inside,
” said David Rose, Emote Games COO. ‘ TheHunter redefines hunting games and we
wanted to come up with a suitably innovative way to offer updates and
information to everyone whilst we gear-up for launch. You never know what you
might see!

Check out the Trail Cam at