Hunting Season Begins As Thehunter.Com Goes Live

April 2, 2009

Hunting Season Begins As
Thehunter.Com Goes Live

FREE Hunting Game and Social
Network Opens Doors to Evergreen Hunting Reserve for All

Emote Games, publisher of theHunter,
has now officially launched the hunting game and social network, giving
thousands of eager hunting and gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to play this
breakthrough simulation. Free to play, users can simply log on at, sign
up and gain instant access.

The recent launch has quickly proven
a tremendous success with over a hundred thousand people already making
theHunter one of the world’s most popular hunting destinations. Originally
targeted at a US audience, demand for theHunter has also been phenomenal
throughout Europe with particular interest coming from the UK, Germany, France
and Sweden.

“The primary objective in the first
phase of release was to focus our efforts on quality of service”, said David
Rose, Emote Games co-founder and COO. “We wanted to make sure that the whole
experience is as amazing as the graphics and AI. We have had a huge demand and
want to ensure everyone gets to play with an excellent level of support and
service; something that players will come to expect from Emote Games. Feedback
to date has been amazing and so now is the time to open theHunter to a much
wider audience”.

theHunter combines realistic hunting
action that includes tracking, spotting and harvesting a variety of animals,
with a larger social networking community that gives players the chance to meet
other players, post information about themselves and their hunts, receive awards
and see scores. The online element of theHunter allows the game to continually
evolve, with regular updates and the release of new features such as hunts,
gear, new species, maps and habitats, making the game truly reflective of the
ever changing hunting world.

addresses the lack of quality and realism found in many hunting games, which has
done a great disservice to the sport and its fans for many years,” said Morgan
O’Rahilly, President of Emote Games. “By developing an experience that uses the
most advanced technology and follows strict ethical guidelines, theHunter will
change the way the genre is perceived and set a new benchmark for future hunting

Emote Games have had a dedicated
community during its development who have provided excellent feedback and
suggestions. At Emote we believe the community are the key to success and we
look forward to continuing this relationship with original and new members.

To learn more about theHunter and
create your free account, visit