Hunt: Showdown adds single-player ‘Trials Mode’ in new update

Only on PC for now

Crytek’s surprise online horror-shooter smash hit Hunt: Showdown has now something to offer for gamers who rather don’t want to go against other players in tense online multiplayer matches. With the addition of  ‘Trials Mode’ solo players can now enjoy the thrilling action without having to fear of advanced human adversaries.

Hunt: Showdown originally came out back in 2018 for PC and steadily worked its way up in multiplayer charts. Not only did Crytek manage to win over fans with an exceptionally good-looking game. Hey, it’s Crytek. What did you expect? But more importantly, after early woes by the community that the studio was seemingly following the multiplayer-only trend quickly vanished once gamers realized that Hunt: Showdown is anything but formulaic.

A crazy unique gameplay loop where every shot actually matters in more than just way means that every enemy encounter is a balancing act between achieving the ultimate goal of acquiring valuable bounty while avoiding getting noticed by other players. This led to audio becoming one of the biggest factors in the game. An area often criminally overlooked by other games.

And while exactly this tense online experience led to Hunt: Showdown becoming a hit, a large portion of gamers were seemingly overwhelmed by real players. That’s where the new ‘Trial Mode’ comes in. By enabling gamers to learn the ropes of levels, enemies, weapons, and other mechanics in the safety of a Player-vs-Enemy environment, they can grow into formidable hunters before giving real players a run for their money.

There’s much more in the new update however with the addition of dual-wielding handguns and new unlockables. You can read more about the details in the developer post here. At the time, only the PC version got the new solo mode but PS4 and Xbox One users ought to receive it not too far off.