Humble Indie Bundle #1 Added to New Bundle Purchases

A few minutes ago I received an email letting me know that my Humble Indie Bundle was ready to download. I thought this was curious, as I already downloaded it days ago. Upon opening the email, I read this:

Dear Humble Indie Bundle customer, I would just like to personally thank you for your support in making the Humble Indie Bundle #2 even more successful than the first one. As thanks, I have added the Humble Indie Bundle #1 into your bundle. If you go to your personal download page, you will find the following games waiting for you:

– World of Goo (now a top seller on the iPad)
– Aquaria
– Gish
– Lugaru HD
– Penumbra Overture
– Samorost 2

Happy holidays! They’re (mostly) redeemable on Steam too, if you would like to link them to your account.

If this kind of thing makes you happy, please feel free to add a little more to your Humble Bundle purchase (you can help bring up the average on your download page) and keep spreading the word!

Jeffrey Rosen
Humble Bundle

Sure enough, I raced over to Steam and input my key, adding five more titles to my library. FOR FREE.

I’ll definitely be adding more to my donation, as this is probably the coolest thing happening in the industry right now. Who does stuff like this? Aside from indies, no one.

Be warned that they only have 150,000 Steam codes at the moment, so they’re asking to please only redeem them if you need to. If you don’t wish to use Steam, you can simply download the five titles directly.