Humble Weekly Sale offers DayZ Mod, other Bohemia Interactive games

The Humble Weekly Sale is live, offering six attractive Bohemia Interactive games for whatever price you want to pay. Included in the bunch is Arma 2, Take on Helicopters, UFO: Afterlight, alpha Prime, ARMA: Gold Edition, and Arma Tactics.

However, if you are feeling extra generous you can pay $6 or more to unlock three additional games: Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, and the Arma 2: DayZ Mod created by Dean Hall.

Normally, these games would cost you $109, but as is Humble Bundle tradition, you can pay what you want. Furthermore, you can choose how you want to divide your payment — charity, Bohemia Interactive, or a Humble tip.

Bohemia Interactive and Dean Hall have since released an alpha version of the DayZ Standalone, an updated, full-fledged retail release of the mod you can get through the Humble Bundle. Seeing as how it's still only in Alpha, available through Steam Early Access, you may want to first get your feet wet with the mod before diving in for $30.