Humble THQ Bundle surpasses $2 million in just 16 hours

In just 16 hours, the Humble THQ Bundle has managed to surpass the $2 million mark. The pay what you want promotion packs several high-profile THQ games, a nice change from its seemingly "no mega-publishers" stance.

Upon choosing your own price — for as low as $1 — you can decide how the purchase is divided: to vital charities, THQ, and a Humble Tip. Once you contribute, you will unlock Steam keys for Company of Heroes and it's two expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of ValorDarksiders, Metro 2033, and Red Faction: Armageddon. If you pay over the average price, which is currently $5.69, you'll also receive Saints Row: The Third.

Speaking with RPS, a representative for Humble Bundle said the firm is pleased with the reaction to the THQ bundle.

“When THQ expressed interest in our pay what you want plus charity model and willingness to let us bundle so many top tier titles, we couldn’t believe it at first,” the rep said. “But trying to turn up our noses at this epic chance to make gamers happy and help worthy causes like Child’s Play and the American Red Cross could only have been defined as arrogance. We had to try and we were extremely curious to see what would happen.”

“So far, it’s been pretty well received: we’re on record pace both in total sales and number of purchases. It looks like we’ve passed the two million dollar mark in just 16 hours. We are hopeful that this excitement is growing our community in a way that can only help our future promotions, and rest assured that indie bundles will continue to be an important part of our business.”

As of this post, 405,110 bundles have been sold for a total of $2,304,4500. That's an average price of just $5.69. Naughty Dog co-founder and THQ president Jason Rubin is listed as the top contributor with $1,050.00, and Turtle Rock Studios is the second largest with $1,024.00. There is still 12 days remaining for the Humble THQ Bundle.