Humble Bundle celebrates PAX Prime 2014 with The PAX 10 Flash Bundle

PAX Prime is one day closer, and whether you're attending or not, it's time to celebrate.

There's no better way to celebrate PAX Prime than with a Humble Flash Bundle that features the best indie games from past events.

Though it currently features eight games, the bundle has been dubbed The PAX 10, suggesting that, as is to be expected of Humble Bundles, more games will beadded to the list.

Here are the games included in the bundle:

Pay what you want: 

  • BADLAND Premium
  • Solar 2 
  • Containment: The Zombie Puzzler
  • Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony Deluxe Pack

Pay over the average price:

  • The Swapper 
  • FEZ 

Pay $15 or more:

  • Get all of the games above
  • Cannon Brawl 
  • Life Goes On 

Get in on the Bundle here.

The PAX 10 Humble Flash Bundle will run through the PAX Prime weekend and ends Tuesday, September 2, 2014.