Huge Dark Souls 3 announcement planned for next week

It's probably a DLC announcement.

When Dark Souls 3  made its release in April for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the game was met with pretty great sales. At the time of release, there were only a few bits and pieces of information regarding what the DLC for the game would be.

As far as we know, only two pieces of post-release content is planned for Dark Souls 2, the first of which is due to be released in fall. The standalone pricing was not revealed at the time, but a $25 Season Pass covering both bits of "epic" DLC was (and still is) available.

It looks like we might be getting some information on the upcoming DLC soon. The official Dark Souls twitter has teased a "major" announcement for the game:

Hopefully this tease has something to do with the DLC was detailed to feature new maps, bosses, enemies, armor and weapons.