Hudson Soft Launching Three Games at the Opening of the Apple App Store

July 10, 2008

Hudson Soft Launching Three Games at the Opening of the Apple App Store

BOMBERMAN TOUCH, AQUA FOREST, and SUDOKU, for iPhone & iPod touch

Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. today announced three
of its key gaming titles, BOMBERMAN TOUCH – THE LEGEND OF MYSTIC BOMB,
AQUA FOREST and SUDOKU will all be available on the Apple App Store
when it launches today. All these exciting games fully leverage the
unique and innovative features of iPhone and iPod touch, including the
Multi-Touch screen and accelerometer. These three games are only the
first in a series of applications that Hudson Soft plans to release
for the iPhone OS platform.

title on the Apple App Store. Classic Bomberman gameplay is melded
seamlessly with the innovative Multi-Touch user interface using
motions such as flick, tap and tilt in a story set amongst ancient
Players can also control Bomberman’s moves by touching any location on
the screen to bring up a directional control pad.

AQUA FOREST powered by OctaveEngine Casual has two modes in the game –
Puzzle mode with a water and ecology motif and Free mode in which
users can create anything they wish using the game’s tools. Puzzle
mode has five levels, each of which has ten stages, for a total of
fifty stages. As each puzzle is solved, the tree in the background
will grow gradually. In Free mode, users will experience a whole new
world of drawing. Using real physics, graphics created using the
game’s tools will come to life as soon as they are drawn on the touch

SUDOKU Vol.1- in collaboration with Nikoli, the inventor of this
globally popular logic puzzle and Hudson Soft introduce Sudoku for
iPhone and iPod touch. Gameplay is designed specifically for the touch
screen so players can easily enter numbers in boxes as smoothly as
writing with a pen.
Apple’s new App Store will provide iPhone users with native
applications in a variety of categories including games, business,
news, sports, health, reference and travel. The App Store on iPhone
works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi, which means it is accessible
from just about anywhere, so you can purchase and download
applications wirelessly and start using them instantly. Some
applications are even free and the App Store notifies you when
application updates are available.

These three games will be available priced at just $5.99 for SUDOKU and
just $7.99 each for AQUA FOREST and BOMBERMAN TOUCH from Apple’s App
Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Hudson Soft and other topics on entertainment: Additionally,
game-specific information, such as the world rankings for SUDOKU, are
available on the Do the Hudson!! site, linked directly through the
"web to" function built into games sold in the Apple App Store.

Hudson Soft was one of the first companies in the console game industry
to have quickly adopted mobile development, and it is currently
distributing diverse content, from games to music, with the major
cellular phone carriers in Japan.