How to Play: Dig Into Master of the Monster Lair

September 30, 2008

How to Play: Dig Into Master of
the Monster Lair

Tired of Crawling Through
Dungeons? Why Not Learn to Make Your Own?

Normally a safe and quiet town, South Arc has come under attack by monsters
infesting the nearby forest. As the town’s most ambitious young orphan, and the
only person without a real job, you are charged with the responsibility of
ridding South Arc of its monster infestation. You’ve just made friends with a
magic talking shovel that can help you build a dungeon that will lure monsters
inside. Once inside, you can use your strength and magic to exterminate the
beasts – hopefully finding some rare items on the way out. But wait… how’s one
young boy supposed to defend the whole town from an army of monsters?

The first step in mastering your
skills and protecting South Arc from hordes of monsters is to understand the
resources at your disposal. The citizens of South Arc are more than willing to
help you with your quest. Most of the villagers own shops and, despite your
working to save their lives from monsters, are totally willing to charge you a
small fee for their services. These shops, along with some friends and local
landmarks, will be the key to your success. Come, learn about the special town
of South Arc.

At Owen’s House, Owen and his friends can rest between trips to the dungeon –
fully restoring the party’s HP and MP. Resting overnight will also give monsters
a chance to enter your dungeon, sometimes leading to new events. Owen and Kate
gain stat boosts by eating meals at Owen’s House – not by defeating monsters, as
I knew you were thinking. The benefits they receive depend on the type of meal
they eat, so try to find rare ingredients in your dungeon.

Just east of town is where you’ll start building your monster lair. By digging
tunnels and placing rooms, you can create the ultimate dungeon, which will
attract monsters of all sorts. Then, you can vanquish the beasts and claim their
treasure! In the course of your adventure, you will befriend a Mimic Slime, who
can copy the attributes of different monsters. It can duplicate different body
parts to change its stats and learn magic from enemies as well. Fight lots of
different monsters to find the best combination of attributes to mimic!

The “Ruins” are located in the northeast corner of town. Go there to connect
over DS Wireless Communication and share dungeons with a friend. Each player
must load their saved game, enter the Ruins, and select “Exchange Dungeon.” When
the communication screen is displayed, one player selects “Send a Dungeon,” and
the other player selects “Receive a Dungeon.” Dungeons received from friends
will be saves as Ruins.

At first, the dungeon is just a cave with one open floor space. You must use the
magic shovel to dig holes and enlarge the dungeon. Face the area where you would
like to dig a hole and press the A button. The magic shovel will dig an open
space in the direction you are facing. Every time you dig a hole or place a
room, it will reduce the shovel’s MP by 1. If the shovel runs out of MP, you
cannot dig any more holes or place any more furniture for the rest of the day.
If you would like to fill in a hole that you have dug, face the empty hallway
and press the A Button. This will also reduce the shovel’s MP by 1.

At the Furniture Shop you can buy rooms to place in your dungeon. These rooms
will attract monsters, which will enter your dungeon overnight. To place a room
in your dungeon, face a spot where you have made a hole and press the B Button.
A list of the furniture you currently have will appear. Highlight the room you
would like to place using the Control Pad, and press the A Button to set it
down. This will reduce the magic shovel’s MP by 1. You cannot place any more
rooms if the shovel runs out of MP. To remove a room, press the A Button and the
room will be returned to your inventory – doing so requires 1 shovel MP.

At the Equipment Shop, you can buy and sell weapons and armor. The Trader
doesn’t have much in stock at first, but as you find equipment in your dungeon,
you can sell it to her to increase the shop’s inventory. Occasionally, she’ll
ask you to retrieve unusual items from your dungeon for her, and she’ll reward
you with unique equipment. You can also sell unwanted goods to her to make some

At the Magic Shop, you can buy spells for use in combat and dungeon exploration.
Both offensive and healing magic are sold here. In addition, Owen can learn
spells used to travel magically through the dungeon. Once you purchase a spell,
it can be used by any party member capable of casting it. You can acquire items
by buying them in the Magic Shop or finding them in your dungeon. Some items are
only used in battle, while others can be used while exploring.

Master of the Monster Lair is
scheduled to release for Nintendo DS™ on October 21.