How to find the Unio Mystica & Ghast Fragments | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

ACT II – BODHAM RUINS (005 AF): Into the Ruins

Here we take on the first two sidequests of the Bresha Ruins, finding the Unio Mystica & Ghast fragments. Also we take a short tour of the Crystarium, put on our first monster adornment, and find the crystal that will weaken Atlas.

Topics Covered:

  • How to use the Crystarium
  • How to unlock Crystarium level bonuses
  • How to level monsters in the Crystarium
  • How to use Mog's item location powers (locate invisible items)
  • How to use Feral Link abilities
  • How to add Hoplite to your Paradigm Pack
  • Where to find Capsule A and Capsule B for the "Missing Drugs" sidequest
  • Where to get the Unio Mystica fragment
  • How to fight the Ghast miniboss
  • Where to get the Ghast fragment
  • Where to find the crystal to weaken Atlas
  • Items Found: Star Pendant, 8 Mana Droplets, Rune Bracelet

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