How to beat Faeryl (Boss Guide) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

The deadly Faeryl is terrorizing the Archylte Steppe, keeping us from the needed Black Hole Gem. Time to take him down.
Boss Battle Strategy Guide:
Faeryl hits hard, and his attacks are rather hard to predict. Keep a decent Medic like Flanitor in most of your paradigms to heal up after big attacks like Great Roar. Keep up your Ravager / Commando combo during smaller attacks like fire breath or claw swipes, though Megaton Charge means a big bout of damage is coming your way, so switch to your Sentinel lineup while he's midair to take the hit.
Once staggered, Faeryl is pretty docile. Pile on the damage as quick as you can, but watch the stagger bar, as the dragon will launch a big attack the second it's back down. Two staggerings should be enough to take this guy down, just keep bringing your medics out to keep health up, with the occasional Wound Potion if levels are dropping low enough!