How long would you survive in World War Z?

So, let's say you're driving down the road and suddenly a hoard of zombies are coming at you. What do you do?  How will you survive?

There's a way you can find out how long you survive. In fact, after you find out how long you survive you can compare how long you'll live to how long your friends live or even to how long other people in the world will live.

It all can be done in one place, right here.

That little blue link right there will take you to a quiz that will not only measure your lifespan in a zombie apocalypse, but will also put you into the running to win an IPad mini, a World War z Blu-Ray combo pack, a hammock, backpack and more. Of course, to snag yourself one those snazzy prizes you have to submit your own question. You could basically ask the world what they would do in a certain scenario (that fits within the larger zombie scenario).

Check out that quiz, what do you have to lose…well, except bragging rights with your friends if you can't even survive a day.