How Dead Rising 3, Project Spark, and Just Dance 2014 will make use of Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass, that is using your smart device as a companion app with your console, is said to be an integral part of your entertainment on Xbox One. Elaborating on Xbox LIVE GM Ron Pesnner's words from early September, Microsoft has provided details on how SmartGlass will enhance your gameplay experience, using Dead Rising 3, Project Spark, and Just Dance 2014 as examples.

Dead Rising 3

In Dead Rising 3, SmartGlass becomes your "in-game smartphone." As explained by Capcom executive producer Josh Bridge, early on in the story Nick Ramos will find a smartphone. At this point you can connect your SmartGlass device and turn it into a "Zombie Defense and Control PDA," or ZDC PDA for short.

Although totally optional, this is how the ZDC PDA will help you:

  • Phone calls and text messages from in-game characters will activate special missions exclusive to SmartGlass users. These will reward you with exclusive weapons and additional support applications on your ZDC PDA.
  • Track your progress towards all your active missions without having to use in-game menus
  • Get updates and hints on where zombie outbreaks are happening around the city.
  • Acts as a real-time map and shows your location in Los Perdidos as well as the location of your co-op players and other points of interest
  • Request drone gun support, military grade flares to distract zombies or an air strike using the ZDC Military Support App. Use Item Finders to locate specific weapons, vehicles, and stores throughout Los Perdidos. Or use the Backup app to call in survivors to help you fight and get Hints to help with missions or boss fights.

Project Spark

SmartGlass serves as a mirror of the Xbox One experience. Anything you can do on your Xbox One in Project Spark, you can also do through SmartGlass. This includes playing games built with, and designed for, touch input.

"Our goal is to open players’ imaginations and give them the tools they need to create anything they can dream up. Combining SmartGlass with Xbox One lets us deliver on that promise," said Microsoft Studios director Saxs Persson. "Team Dakota is extremely excited to see what you can create with these powerful tools."

Just Dance 2014

Anyone with a smartphone device is able to connect to the game and use the SmartGlass application to instantly take control of the game and the party. One of the features it allows is fo ryou to set up endless playlists during gameplay. The player with SmartGlass has the ability to add or remove songs during gameplay which allows them to transform the soundtrack of the party instantly.

Additionally, Just Dance 2014 creates instant video recaps of a dance session through a feature called Autodance. Using the touchscreen controls of SmartGlass, you can edit the videos and apply all sorts of effects in the built-in editing suite.

Lastly, Just Dance 2014 has a new PartyMaster mode that gives the person with SmartGlass ultimate control by letting them choose the next dance move in real-time through their smart device, or even switch tracks mid-song to become the DJ.

"SmartGlass makes the classic "Just Dance" experience even more fluid and dynamic—it offers new modes and experiences for player to connect with one another," said lead game designer Dale Scullion.

GameZone Take:

I'm pretty impressed with the features these developers have thought of. Unlike the Kinect, which I feel is nothing more than a gimmick, I can see these SmartGlass features really adding to the gameplay experience. And to think, these are only a few examples of how SmartGlass will be utilized.