House of Cards resumes production in 2018; Final season will be shorter

Kevin Spacey will not be involved.

A few months ago, Netflix began production on the sixth season of House of Cards but just a few weeks in, a troubling story involving the show's lead came out. After a number of sexual assault allegations towards film producer Harvey Weinstein came out, a number of other Hollywood icons were accused of similar things, one being House of Cards star Kevin Spacey.

The star was accused of forcing himself on a minor many years ago and many other people came out suggesting that similar things happened to them. With this news, Netflix had to make a major decision, do they cut ties with Spacey and risk muddling the show's narrative or do they stick to the plan and have a really unhealthy and uncomfortable set? The production on the set has been on pause since October while they decide how they're going to move forward and now Netflix has come up with their solution.

House of Cards will resume production in early 2018 without Spacey like rumors have suggested. While Netflix didn't say how they plan on handling his absence in the show, they noted that there will be eight episodes (less than the usual thirteen) and they have a “good, creative conclusion” in store for the series. Robin Wright will assume the leading role for the political thriller, something the show set up in the last season.

House of Cards' sixth and final season has no premiere date but it likely won't hit its expected summer 2018 release window.