HOTEL FOR DOGS Now Available at Retail

January 13, 2009


505 Games Releases New Game Based
On the Feature Film HOTEL FOR DOGS from DreamWorks Pictures and Nickelodeon

Dog lovers, get ready to romp with,
feed and pamper an endearing collection of canines! HOTEL FOR DOGS, the video
game based on the upcoming feature film “HOTEL FOR DOGS” from DreamWorks
Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, is now available for the Nintendo® Wii,
Nintendo DS™ and Windows-based PC. From 505 Games, HOTEL FOR DOGS is an exciting
adventure for young and old alike, with an irresistible cast of adorable dogs.

Following the movie, the HOTEL FOR
DOGS video game takes players into the old hotel to help two siblings, Andi and
Bruce, feed and entertain an adorable collection of canines by building amazing
gadgets, playing with the pooches and keeping the dogs happy in their new hotel
home. Navigating through 10 levels of fun and challenging game play, players
must accomplish various goals to keep their beloved canines healthy and amused.
Players will even explore the areas outside of the hotel as they attempt to
locate and rescue additional pups in need of some major TLC.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures,
the live-action “HOTEL FOR DOGS” stars Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow,
Kevin Dillon and Don Cheadle in a smart, funny comedy adventure that shows how
far love and imagination can take you.

HOTEL FOR DOGS video game
features Experience what you see in the movie. HOTEL FOR DOGS features the
likenesses and voices of the movie’s two young stars, Emma Roberts and Jake T.
Austin, and dozens of the dogs and the hotel seen in the live-action feature

  • Dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. Feed,
    groom and play with dozens of adorable playful pups seen in the movie

  • Challenging game play. Navigate
    through 10 levels of challenging and exciting game play; each level requiring
    players to complete three basic goals to keep the lovable dogs happy

  • Wacky gadgets. Search for parts
    and tools to build more than a dozen amazing gadgets that help players take
    care of and entertain the dogs

  • Cold-hearted dog catchers. Save
    your furry friends from the mean dog catcher and rescue pups from the pound

  • Monitor moods, use commands.
    Monitoring the dogs’ moods can help keep them happy – moods include hungry,
    play, bathroom, sick, hot, thirsty, brush, cold and upset; using real-life
    commands – such as sit, stay and fetch – players can help address the dogs’

  • Alley exploration and rescues.
    Players venture outside the hotel to rescue lost dogs in the side alleyways
    and bring them back to the hotel

Rated “E” for Everybody, the HOTEL
FOR DOGS video game is available at retailers around the U.S. with family
friendly MSRPs of $39.99 for the Nintendo® Wii and $29.99 for the Nintendo DS™.
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