Horizon Zero Dawn out now on PC ushering in a new era for Sony

Pigs still not flying however

PC gamers can now enjoy one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. You can grab the game that comes bundled with all previous DLC on Steam and Epic Games Store. Here’s the launch trailer for the PC version!

It actually happened. The impossible is now reality. Sony has brought one of its premiere PS4 exclusives on another platform. The sky has not cracked. Instead, a new era for platform exclusivity, or rather multiplatform inclusivity has started.

Originally launched for the PS4 in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn not only marked the birth of a major new franchise but it also propelled Sony first-party studio Guerilla Games into the stratosphere.

The mix of open-world action and dinosaurs – albeit mech version of them – proved a massive hit among gamers. And starting today, the large PC gaming community can experience it as well.

There’s no question that this is just the start of a strategy shift for Sony which is following the footsteps of Microsoft who has long embraced PC. And compared to Sony, Microsoft is already putting PC versions out Day-1. Something many PC gamers hope Sony to adopt as well.

But as it stands, Horizon Zero Dawn will have to prove that there is a demand on the PC front for PlayStation Studios titles. We already know that the game is exceptionally great but early impressions of the PC port are rather disappointing, with the current Steam User Review score hovering around a pretty bad 41%. We sincerely hope Guerilla Games patches the issues out soon so that the game can be judged and enjoyed by the merits that ought to count the most. The game itself.