Homefront Is the Most Pre-Ordered Game in THQ History

THQ has reported that pre-order numbers for its upcoming first-person shooter Homefront are higher than any other game in the publisher’s history, with over 200,000 copies reserved in the U.S. alone. The game hits stores on March 15 (in less than two weeks) for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

These numbers bode well not only for THQ, who has seen success in recent years thanks to well-received titles like UFC and Darksiders, but also developer Kaos Studios, who are banking on the success of Homefront. Kaos’ expensive New York studio has been a source of concern, with THQ reportedly deciding to relocate the studio based on the sales of Homefront. If the game flops, the team may be relocated to THQ’s Montreal studio.

With Homefront having the potential to be THQ’s most successful game to date, business is looking promising for the game and the studio. Of course, those 200,000 pre-orders only translate to 200,000 sales at most, so we’ll see how reviews and word-of-mouth treat the game after its release. With a story by John Milius, who wrote Red Dawn and co-wrote Apocalypse Now, and a concept that got the game banned in South Korea, at least Homefront has the power of controversy on its side.


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