Hohokum’s wonky art style finally explained

Hohokum is, well, interesting to say the least. Full of vibrant color, melodic electronica, and objects that co-creator Richard Hogg describes as "wonky" — Hohokum is one of those games I think you just need to play to fully understand what it's all about. Because there's definitely more to it then meets the eyes.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Richard Hogg revealed Hohokum will be released for PS4, PS3, and Vita this summer. These past few months, he said, have been dedicated to making final tweaks to the art and making sure everything is "the right kind of wonky."

But what exactly does that mean? Watch, as Hoggs and Ricky Haggert explain the detail behind the art of Hohokum. This is the first of a series of developer diaries that will touch upon the key components that make up the world of Hohokum. If you want more, a new site for the game just launched featuring all of the screenshots, videos, and artwork released to date.