Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Destined for PC


Interactive Announce the Swedish/British Co-Development of Douglas Adams’
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy PC CD-ROM 






England, Thursday 29th 2001 – The Nordic’s leading publisher and developer of
interactive entertainment, PAN Interactive, today announced follow-up to
Britain’s premier Sci-Fi author, Douglas Adam’s Starship Titantic PC CD-Rom
game, with the computer game publishing rights to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
the Galaxy. Adapted from the top-selling book that has sold 15 million copies
worldwide, the PC CD-ROM adaptation is being developed as an exciting third
person, real-time 3D arcade towel ’em up adventure in the mould of Tomb
Raider, Mario 64 and Zelda. PAN has initiated a development joint venture
between the original UK based development team, The Digital Village, who was
responsible for Starship Titanic. Entitled "PAN H2G2", PAN
Interactive will hold a 65% stake in the joint venture, and are currently
developing the game with a 20-strong team at PAN H2G2’s studios in Convent
Garden, London.


are very excited about the prospect of the PC adaptation of Hitchhiker,"
says Henrik Eklund, CEO of PAN Interactive. "H2G2 have developed an
exclusive 3D engine to support the game, and I believe anyone who was a fan of
Douglas Adams’ original book, will fall in love with the addictive gaming
qualities and hooks the game has to offer. We’re looking forward to previewing
Hitchhiker at E3 in May."

projected release in Q1 2002, PAN Interactive retain the global publishing
rights for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy PC game. UK distribution
rights for the game are currently under negotiation.


PAN Interactive 

September 2000, O-listed Enlight Interactive’s subsidiary IQ Media merged with
KF’s PAN Interactive Publishing. The new company, PAN Interactive AB, which is
75% owned by Enlight Interactive (the Nordic’s biggest E-Learning Company for
Online Education) and 25% by KF Media (part of the largest FMCG company in
Scandinavia), boasts the gaming, toy and television rights to The Hitchhiker’s
Guide to the Galaxy, Diablo, Backpacker and Star Trek. PAN Interactive also
holds the exclusive rights for the development and maintenance for the
official website of Astrid Lindgren, the renowned Swedish author of the Pippy
Longstocking books.


hold the distribution rights in Scandinavia for computer games published by
Vivendi Universal, Activision and 3DO.


Interactive restructured its Nordic organisation in October 2000 to
accommodate a more focused global strategy in the gaming market. Company
revenues for 2000-2001 is projected to reach SEK 160-180 million. PAN
Interactive continues to build strategic distribution partnerships in Britain,
Germany, USA and Southeast Asia, and will continue strong global expansion
throughout 2001.


1995-1999, revenues from the computer games industry in America doubled from
SEK 30 billion to over SEK 60 billion. In Sweden branch revenues surpassed SEK
700 million in 1999 and the industry anticipates a continued annual growth of
20%. This is attributed to the fact that games are reaching a wider audience
that attracts new buyers.


At the time of writing, one UK Pound Sterling is worth 14.70 SEK (Swedish