Hit the Slopes With Alpine Racer on iPhone

March 2, 2009

Hit the Slopes With Alpine Racer
on iPhone

Namco Brings Ski and Snowboard
Adventure to the App Store

Namco Networks today announced the
availability of Alpine Racer through Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod touch
for $5.99.

With blistering 3D graphics, Alpine
Racer brings skiing and snowboarding to life as players pull off aerial tricks
and fly down the alpine and try to win the King of the Mountain challenge.
Players are presented with two game modes—conquer Story Mode to unlock a secret
character or take on Time Attack and race against your toughest competition, a
"ghost" image replay of your best timed run.

The fast, fun action of Alpine Racer
is made possible through intuitive controls, allowing players to tilt the iPhone
or touch the screen to control their racer. The game also features:

  • Two characters, plus two
    unlockable characters

  • The opportunity to earn points to
    upgrade top speed, acceleration, power and outfits

  • Adjust the control, power,
    acceleration and max speed

“Alpine Racer takes full advantage
of the iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen controls to give players full
control of the race,” said Scott Rubin, vice president of sales and marketing
for Namco Networks. “Between the controls and the high resolution graphics,
skiing and snowboarding fans are going to feel like they are truly on the

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Alpine Racer(TM) 1994-2008 NAMCO
BANDAI Games Inc.