Historical Nintendo/Sony PlayStation console discovered

Rare console represents the brief partnership between Sony and Nintendo prior to today's rivalry

Sony Nintendo PlaySTation

Quick history lesson. Back in late 80s/early 90s, Sony and Nintendo worked together (I know, can you believe it!?) to create a prototype SNES PlayStation, a console system capable of playing both CD-ROM and SNES carts. Though announced by Sony at the 1991 Consuer Electronics Show, Nintendo announced at the same event that it was instead partnering with Phillips for its tech.

Long story short, an incensed Sony went on to make its own PlayStation and because the Sony/Nintendo console was never released, it's pretty amazing that someone managed to find one.

First brought to light on Reddit, user "Dnldbld" published images of the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation console, along with the following story of how he came into possession of the extremely rare, historical console.

"My dad worked for a company, apparently one of the guys he used to work with, I think his name was Olaf, used to work at Nintendo and when my dad's company went bankrupt, my dad found it in a box of 'junk' he was supposed to throw out". 

Though not confirmed, Olaf could be in reference to Olafur Olafsson, who was chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1991.

But because this is the internet, there was some skepticism surrounding the images, so Dnldbld took to YouTube to publish a video showing off the console.

It's real, folks. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the power cables, but you'd think a finding of this historical significance — which represents a brief partnership between Sony and Nintendo prior to the intense rivalry today — would warrant a response from the companies.

I've always said a partnership between Sony and Nintendo today would be amazing. This was possibly the closest we'll ever get to seeing that.

Nintendo/Sony PlayStation console

Historical Nintendo/Sony PlayStation console discovered

Nintendo Sony PlayStation