Hip Games Donates Portion of Proceeds From "Dog’s Life" to SPCA.com.



Four Legged Adventure to Bring Goodwill to
Dogs Everywhere This Holiday Season

TORONTO – CANADA – December 14, 2004 – Hip
Games(TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hip Interactive Corp., today announced
that it is donating $5,000 in proceeds from its "Dog’s Life" video game to the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The funds will be used
to sponsor the Adoption Central section of the SPCA’s official web site,

which aggregates more than 73 international, national and regional sites. The
donation is part of a June 2004 joint venture between Hip and SPCA.com. Hip
Games (TM) will be donating additional funds from "Dog’s Life" to SPCA.com
through August of 2005.

"We are proud that ‘Dog’s Life’ has allowed
us to engage in such a rewarding charity while providing gamers with the unique
experience to see the world through the eyes of a dog," said Pete Thomas,
Director of Publishing for Hip Games(TM). "The SPCA has been an excellent
partner and we plan to continue to donate proceeds from the game through August
of 2005."

In "Dog’s Life," players take on the role of
Jake, a lovable mutt on a mission to save his missing pal, Daisy. Using
"Smell-o-vision," an innovative game mode that relies on a dog’s sense of smell
to explore expansive environments, players will go paw to paw with neighborhood
hounds in an adventure that will provide dog-years of entertainment.

More information about "Dog’s Life" is
available at


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About SPCA.com

SPCA.com is dedicated to helping people with
pets and has the mandate of broadcasting the vision of the SPCA on the web.