High Voltage Software’s groundbreaking FPS title gets geared up for launch.

The Conduit

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High Voltage Software’s
groundbreaking FPS title gets geared up for launch.

While the Wii has been
financially the most lucrative and successful console of this hardware
generation, the system has been underperforming when it comes to delivering
engaging experiences to hardcore gamers. Sure, there have been the token
franchises like Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid Prime, but
these releases are few and far between. Therefore, it’s quite exciting when a
third-party game comes along capable of generating a substantial amount of buzz,
one such title being The Conduit from High Voltage Software and Sega.

A game that truly came out of
left field, The Conduit has been turning heads since it was first announced a
few years ago, largely due to the game’s incredible graphics that push the
boundaries of what is possible on the Nintendo Wii. Additionally, the game is
poised to offer not only some intense and exciting gameplay that capitalizes on
the system’s unique capabilities, but also robust multiplayer features for
online gamers, making it a title that not only will offer up some wonderful eye
candy, but should appeal to hardcore gamers with deep and engaging gameplay.

The Conduit Wii screenshots

The Conduit takes place in
Washington D.C. after a mysterious virus has swept through, incapacitating
several high-ranking politician. Following this, several terrorist attacks
happen, including an attempt on the president’s life by his own secret service
detail. It soon becomes apparent that an alien attack is underway at the
nation’s capital, and you must come in and help save the entire world from an
extraterrestrial invasion.

The gameplay in The Conduit
handles quite well with the Wii-mote and nunchuck combo, feeling a lot like
Metroid Prime: Corruption. You have a pretty robust arsenal of weaponry, both
human and alien. One of the items that you get early on in the storyline is the
All-Seeing Eye, which assists you as you solve various puzzles throughout the

Another striking thing about
the game is the AI, which is extremely adaptive to the way that your character
plays. Your enemies, known as the Drudge, will change their attacks depending on
your actions, giving the game a real dynamic feel and sense of intensity.

The Conduit Wii screenshots

Graphically, The Conduit is
shaping up to be the best looking game on the Wii, first party or otherwise. The
game’s textures and special effects are groundbreaking for the system, courtesy
of High Voltage’s own Quantum3 engine. The most impressive thing is how well the
game moves, as there are nary any issues with slowdown. The game’s engine looks
nearly as impressive as any number of PS3 or Xbox 360 games out there.

Aside from the single-player
element of the game, The Conduit will offer up 13 multiplayer modes, both of the
team-based and free-for-all varieties. The game’s online portion will utilize
Wii Speak, a first for a third-party Wii game.

While The Conduit boasts some
of the best graphics to date on the Nintendo Wii, solid gameplay will make sure
that it’s more than just another pretty face. Look for it to launch on June 23.
The Conduit is rated T for Teen.