Hideo Kojima sheds some light on ‘Death Stranding’

Still pretty cryptic.

Hideo Kojima recently went public with a few more details on his upcoming game, 'Death Stranding'.

Earlier this week, the series of E3 2016 press conferences made way for a whole new lineup of games for the coming year and beyond. The majority of presentations were relatively hit or miss, but one showcase in particular stood out above the rest: Sony. The one thing that made it a sight to be seen has to be the surprise appearance from former Konami developer, Hideo Kojima.

Ever since his exit from Konami, Kojima has been feverishly working an a secret project with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. For months, there has been absolutely no word on what the secret game was or when it would be announced. With fans begging and pleading to find out what they've been working on, the curtain was finally drawn and the epically haunting trailer was dropped for the upcoming game, Death Stranding.

Following the reveal, Kojima took to twitter to shed some light on the game and give up a few more details on this mysterious project:

The tweets were divided up into nine parts, all giving up some very cryptic details. He delves more into the concept behind the trailer considering the game isn't expected to come out for some time, but we do get some insight into what he has in mind for the project.

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