Hideo Kojima is glad to have announced Death Stranding

We're pretty glad he announced it too.

Hideo Kojima has been a busy man this year. He opened up his own studio, went on a "quest for new technology" across the world with PlayStation's Mark Cerny, and started work on his first new game, Death Stranding. He's certainly had his hands full and this all coming after just finishing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain late last year after a hellish development.

Despite all the troubles he's encountered, all the stress this has probably put on his shoulders, Kojima says he's glad to have announced Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is still far out but Kojima has a lot of great talent and resources at his disposal to make his "best work so far" come to life. Former Konami president joined the company last month as president of Kojima Productions and Kojima revealed at PSX that Kojima Productions is collaborating with Guerilla Games (Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone) to make Death Stranding!

In related news, Kojima Productions opened up pre-orders for an expensive half-scale (roughly 5 feet tall) statue of their mascot signed by Hideo Kojima himself!

Death Stranding will release exclusively on PS4 at some point in the near future.