Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace Coming to PC and Macintosh

November 4, 2008

Hidden Mysteries Buckingham
Palace Coming to PC and Macintosh

GameMill Entertainment, Big Fish
Games, and Gunnar Games today announced the release of a new Hidden Object
casual game, Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace. The product will offer players
the ability to search the palace grounds while looking for clues about missing
crown jewels.

“GameMill and Gunnar Games have
raised the bar for quality in casual games again,” said Brian Kirkvold,
Executive Producer, GameMill Entertainment.

In Hidden Mysteries Buckingham
Palace our story begins when the Duke of Buckingham uncovers the long lost crown
jewels. He is faced with two options, to declare that they have been discovered
and risk a revolt by his people, or tuck them away safely in the palace for
future generations to discover. Fortunately, the Duke chooses the later, which
is where our story begins.

"Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace
presents the player with an ancient royal mystery that is revealed through
traditional seek and find gameplay mixed with a heavy dose of puzzle solving,"
said Jamie Nye, President of Gunnar Games.

Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace
will be available at retail stores across the country and online with Big Fish
beginning November 2008.