Hey, NCAA Football 13 releases today. You should check out the launch trailer!

EA's acclaimed college football sports title is officially back today with the release of NCAA Football 13 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Following the franchise shake up of last year's game, this installment looks to continue EA's effort in perfecting the game of football. With a few new tweaks and a new Heisman mode that lets you take any of the past winners and place them on the team of your choice, NCAA Football 13 looks to create new experiences for college football fans.

The changes don't stop there; NCAA Football 13 introduces 20 new step-off animations for the quarterback, says goodbye to linebacker "blind swats", and improves the running game.

If that doesn't get you pumped for NCAA Football 13 and college football season, then maybe this cinematic launch trailer will. Tradition, tailgating, and beer pong. This is what college football is about. Oh, and a great game.

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