Hey look! A PS4 and Xbox One listing for The Walking Dead Season One has appeared!

In the incredibly rare scenario in which you missed out on The Walking Dead on either PC, tablet, Xbox 360, or PS3, you'll get your chance to catch up on the game's first season on current generation consoles.

What's that? There hasn't been a PS4 or Xbox One edition of The Walking Dead announced yet? Then how do you explain these listings on GameFly, Amazon, and GameStop? It's one thing when a South African or Italian retailer post listings for games that have yet to receive an official announcement. When three major retailers jump the gun, however, something has to be up. Plus, you can pre-order the games at each retailer. 

Man, it would totally suck to pre-order something that turns out to be fake. Honestly, though, I'd be shocked if The Walking Dead wasn't announced for PS4 and Xbox One at E3 next year. Hell, I'd also be shocked if The Walking Dead Season 2 didn't make see a retail release.

Despite the lack of official confirmation from Telltale Games on the physical releases, product listings on Amazon and Gamestop mention a price of $29.99 and the inclusion of the 400 Days DLC. I'm sure we'll hear one way or another in a few weeks.