Heroes of the Storm’s new character, Cho’Gall, is the most unique we’ve seen in a MOBA

Three new characters announced for Heroes of the Storm

During BlizzCon today, Blizzard revealed a couple of new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm, one of which is the most unique character we've seen yet in any MOBA.

Cho'gall, the two-headed ogre from Warcraft, will require two players to control him. Even more unique is how you'll unlock him. Unlike most characters in Heroes of the Storm, Cho'gall won't be available for purchase in the store. Rather, Blizzard is giving the character away for free to everyone at BlizzCon, as well as those who purchased the Virtual Ticket (and a few lucky Battle.net members).

So how will everyone else obtain the character?

Here's what's cool — because Cho'gall requires two players to control him, Blizzard is introducing a quest, of sorts. Those of you who actually own Cho'gall are tasked with playing two games with a player who doesn't already own him. When you do that, the person who doesn't own Cho'gall will get him for free. If the player who owns Cho'gall plays four matches with people who don't own the character, they'll get a fat sack of in-game gold to spend.

There's still some questions surrounding Cho'gall, like how effective he'll actually be with two players controlling him, or how a team with him will compenstate for one less hero on the map. For now, though, he at least sounds pretty cool.

A trailer showing off Cho'gall, along with two other new characters — Lunara the Dryad and Greymane (a Worgen leader from World of Warcraft), was released. Check it out above.

Heroes of the Storm - Cho'gall

Heroes of the Storm - Lunara

Heroes of the Storm - Greyman