Heroes of the Storm’s first expansion, Eternal Conflict, revealed

All Diablo for the next few weeks

Heroes of the Storm only officially launched earlier this month, and Blizzard is already talking about the game's first expansion, Eternal Conflict.

Blizzard took to the stage during tonight's PC Gaming Show at E3 to talk about the new expansion, which they are calling an "epic moment for us." For the next few weeks it's all about the Diablo universe in the game — new Heroes, new Battlegrounds, and more.

Heroes of the Storm - Skeleton King Leoric

Skeleton King Leoric was one of the two characters revealed tonight. A Warrior-type hero, Leoric has a unique trait that when he dies he turns into a Wrath that stays on the battlefield for the duration of his death. While he can't deal damage to enemy heroes, he can still attack and slow players. Plus, any damage he would've dealt actually lowers his death timer, meaning he can return to the battlefield sooner. And what's more, when he does return to the battlefield, he spawns exactly where his Wraith form was left standing.

The second hero revealed was the Monk, the first Diablo support character in Heroes of the Storm. The Monk is described as "very mobile" and "very agile," and while many of his abilities remain a mystery, Blizzard did say they are trying to do something "special" with his talents. At level 1, he'll be able to choose his own trait.

Heroes of the Storm - Monk

And lastly, Blizzard revealed that a new Treasure Goblin will be added to the game. Much like the Treasure Goblin in Diablo 3, this character will spawn in the battlegrounds in the first 30 seconds before the gates lift. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to slay the Treasure Goblin for a chance at earning some extra gold.

Heroes of the Storms' The Eternal Conflic is about two weeks away from release.