Here’s the launch trailer for Wasteland Remastered

It's an older game, sir. But it checks out.

inXile Entertainment has released the launch trailer for Wasteland Remastered. The iconic post-apocalyptic RPG will soon be playable on PC and Xbox One when it launches on February 25. Watch the trailer here!

The Wasteland franchise is a fixture among the most important RPGs of all time. Having come out originally ages ago in 1988, the first game is widely accepted as the progenitor of not only the modern turn-based action-RPG but also post-apocalyptic wasteland setting. Most notably, the Fallout franchise started out as a spiritual successor to Wasteland, hence the similarities in both gameplay and setting.

Since the franchise went on a decade-long hiatus, Fallout went on to become the series synonymous with nuclear wasteland, however. Only recently did the original creators revive the Wasteland IP with 2014 great Wasteland 2. It was a success and a third Wasteland game – even larger in scope – is now in development and planned to come out this May.

In fact, inXile Entertainment achieved so much success that Microsoft went on to acquire the studio. That is probably why Wasteland Remastered, at this moment, is only going to be released on PC and Xbox One. The remaster aims to stay true to its roots by only adding vastly improved visuals and audio while retaining the same classic gameplay. It’s a great way to replay or experience for the first time the birth of an entire sub-genre.